High-throughput sequencing instruments

In addition to services combining library preparation and sequencing, we also offer access to our sequencing instruments for researchers who produce their own high-throughput sequencing libraries.

For Illumina sequencing technology, three different instrument are available to meet varying sequencing throughput needs:

Parameter MiSeq NextSeq 500 NovaSeq 6000
Output (Gb)* 0.3-15 25-120 65-3000
Read pairs * 1-25M 130-400M 650M-10B
Read length 2x75, 2x150, 2x250, 2x300 1x75, 2x75, 2x150 2x50, 2x100, 2x150, 2x250
  • Amplicon Sequencing
  • Targeted Gene Sequencing
  • Targeted Gene Sequencing
  • Exome Sequencing (low throughput)
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Whole Exome Sequencing
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Transcriptome Sequencing

*per flow cell

For Ion Torrent sequencing technology, we offer access to our Ion S5 sequencer and Ion Chef System for automated AmpliSeq library preparation, template preparation, and chip loading.